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We offer subscriptions for individuals (5-10 years old), homeschoolers and schools.


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We make it easy and fun for kids and parents alike. Use only common art supplies you already have at home. Follow our step-by-step directions or make your own rules. Art is about creativity and uniqueness. We challenge kids to find their own artistic style by exposing them to variety of artists, media and techniques. We explore basic elements of art and engage kids with games, hands-on activities and experiments.

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What's in every issue

Art Education

Art Education icon

Learn from the best. Discover famous artists and learn their tricks.

  • Famous artists
  • Elements of art
  • Contemporary artists
  • Art techniques
  • Step-by-step directions
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Creativity icon

Express your own personality, style and creativity without copying.

  • Grow your creativity
  • See variations of projects
  • Explore art of others
  • Share your art
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Science icon

Bring art to everything you do, from literacy to science.

  • Science experiments
  • Math puzzles
  • Activity sheets
  • Games
  • Every-day ideas
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New Artists

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Challenge your idea what art is. Discover new artists and artists styles.

  • Exclusive interviews
  • Unique media and styles
  • More art projects
  • Inspirational art
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Art Education

Each issue introduces one famous artist and artistic style along with numerous art elements. Line, shape, color, value, form, space and texture are introduced along with other important principles and techniques. You will learn how to draw a human figure, the difference between one-point and atmospheric perspective and more. All in a fun, visual and easy-to-understand format.

All projects are presented with list of materials step-by-step directions and tips and tricks to guide you.

In school and homeschooling subscriptions, we provide you with presentations, video trainings and tutorials, printable labels for the art and additional tips and resources.

About arTree education


We encourage kids to express their own personalities. We do not want the kids to end up with the same painting as their neighbor. We encourage to kids to forget about cookie-cutter art. We offer the step-by-step directions only to explain the technique or the element of art we introduce, not to provide the only way to finish the project.

Art is about creativity, self-expression and fun. We want to grow confident artists that are not worried about their end result but instead, enjoy the process of creating art. There are no mistakes in art and we want them to know that.

About arTree creativity


We connect art with other educational areas whenever possible.

We combine art with science through engaging experiments. We bring literacy to art with writing exercises and teach kids basic geometry and problem solving with Math, activity sheets and simple games.

We encourage kids to bring art and creativity to their everyday lives.

In each issue we offer variety of ideas of combining art with common core standards (like in this example dedicated to Claude Monet).

Capillary action

Poems about garden

Make your own watercolors

Parallel lines

New Artists

We search for contemporary artists to introduce to the kids.

We want children to understand that not all artists are dead and not all art needs to be painted on a paper or canvas. We seek out interesting, inspirational and kid-friendly artists.

Every month, kids will find an exclusive interview with a unique artist. The interview is always followed by an art project that is inspired by the art. Names of the artists link to the corresponding magazine issue