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We LOVE this program. Our students at Woodside are doing some GREAT pieces and the teachers are loving it, too! THANK YOU arTree for ALL YOU DO FOR US!!!!

Kasi, PTA president
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I have been an art teacher for grades k-8 for the past nine years and absolutely love this for my k-3rd grade students! Well done and thanks so much!!!!

Margaret, art teacher

The quality of the magazine is astounding and I am inspired and excited to get started!

Alisson, parent

This is one of the best art downloads for young kids that I've seen yet... and I've seen a lot! Famous artist profile information with samples of their artwork and great projects and extension activities that younger kids can actually do! Thank you so much!

TpT art teacher


I am loving the art docent program! It makes me sad that schools don't have art programs anymore, but with programs like this, it makes up for it. All of the projects that arTree has taught us have been easy for the novice artist to feel comfortable with and can also be more involved to accommodate the more seasoned artist! I love seeing the smiles and looks of determination as the kids are learning about each project. I have even found that I am developing my own artistic eye and abilities! Thank you for bringing art back to our school!

Lindsey, art docent

It is really breathtaking to have the hallways sprinkled with beautiful creations made by kids. It's also amazing and exciting to watch the kids make connections as they walk through the halls and recognize artistic inspirations near other classrooms.

Keri, teacher

arTree is the best art program I ever had in any of my schools!

Dr. Cobbs, principal


I tell EVERY homeschool mom I meet about you guys... Your blog is just absolutely wonderful. I searched for what seemed like forever for an art curriculum for my kids, but I just could NOT find what I was looking for. I was just about to give up when Educents advertised you guys on Facebook. Your work is truly amazing and keeps my attention just as much as the kids'! I am planning on using it to start a homeschool art group. It really is just absolutely wonderful.

Kimberly, homeschooling mom

You inspire me and I am always looking for inspiration. I can see how well your magazine is developing and know the quality is something I can feel good about sharing.

Stephanie, homeschool blogger

Used it with a homeschool group today - Kinder through 7th grade. Easily adaptable to meet the needs/skills of the entire group. Thanks!

TpT follower


Just wanted to spread the word that Eva is a wonderful teacher! Having taught in elementary classrooms before, I highly appreciate/admire her teaching style, focus, and enthusiasm. My daughter loves the art class. The projects are creative, fun, and simple enough for a 3 year old to have success making. I love that Eva always has a fun activity for the kids to do that teaches them about the concept they are learning for the day. A+ for Eva.

Sonya, parent

The class was so much fun! Thank you Eva!

Shana, art docent chair

You are amazing Eva! Thanks so much for all you have been doing for our kids!

Jolene, parent