M.C. Escher & Math

Discover how fun and artistic Math can be! Learn about impossible spaces and tessellations with graphic artist and woodcutter M.C. Escher. Draw, cut and paste pieces of complex puzzles. Fill the whole page with fun abstract shapes or animals, houses or spaceships.

Have fun with symmetry and positive and negative space. Practice shading and blending with charcoal on huge puzzle pieces with your friends. What else? Get inspired by Mathew Shlian and his amazing 3D paper sculptures and before you know it you will make your own.

Last but not least, impress your friends, parents and Math teachers with the Möbius strip. The tricks you will learn will boggle their mind! Then wrap it up by creating complex 3D forms on isometric paper, no matter how impossible they may be.  

Sample images for October 2015 issue

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