Vincent van Gogh & Space

Explore the space and the Starry Night with Vincent van Gogh. Find out why his art is so famous. Experience the difference between tactile and visual textures and paint your scene with a stick instead of a brush. Visit large cities, study their panoramas and capture their uniqueness with fireworks and twinkling stars above the buildings.

Take your first space walk with Alan Bean, an artist and the fourth man who walked on the Moon. Learn how he uses his Moon-boots to add texture to his space art. Study the EVA suit and paint yourself as an astronaut.

Become a space explorer. Learn about the Sun, the Moon and the planets. Change ordinary rocks into the planets in our Solar system and learn some fun things about them. Create and play a rocket-ship game with your friends and practice writing poetry about your own Starry Night. 

Sample images for April 2015 issue

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