Andy Goldsworthy & Nature

Venture outside with Andy Goldsworthy! The next time you go for a hike or a nature walk, make some land art that you can leave behind for others to find. Learn how to make mandalas out of flowers and twigs, how to balance rocks and how to sculpt a sundial at the beach. Learn to see the art all around you and to embrace how transient it can be. 

Explore symmetry, pattern and form. Learn about using landscapes as your canvas and about ways you can let the materials inspire you. Discover the magical art of Ellie Davies and follow in her footsteps.

Have fun with plantimals and mandalas. Try new watercolor techniques and use air-dry clay to bring personality to trees. You will see that once you discover the land art, you will not look at the rocks, twigs and pinecones the same way ever again.

Sample images for May 2015 issue

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